Move Into Balance: A Weekly Movement Meditation Class

Learn how to support your body’s natural drive for health and balance in this unique movement class.

Rather than “telling” the body what to do, we work with the body’s spontaneous rhythms of stillness and movement using principles of Craniosacral Therapy, Continuum, and mindfulness meditation. As the body unwinds and expresses in its own time and way, a fluid flow of energy and communication is restored throughout the body.

Potential benefits include:

  • Better core and overall strength
  • Increased flexibility
  • Enhanced energy and circulation
  • Restored structural alignment
  • Renewed creativity
  • Greater physical, emotional, and mental clarity

This class is suitable for all body types as well as anyone managing an illness or injury. The principles explored in this class serve as an ideal self-care practice.

Time, Location & Cost


Meets weekly for 90 minutes and offered periodically.
Please contact me with your interest.


To Be Announced


Sliding Scale $10-20 
Private lessons are offered at the regular treatment session rate.



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Ko Darlington is a wonderful facilitator and intuitive leader. His abilities as a transformational guide are echoed in his own strength and devotion to being a wise and kind human being. I recommend Ko highly for his skills and devotion in allowing people to become their higher selves.
— N.M.